We accept most genres of fiction and non-fiction. Please review our guidelines and requirements: 

What We Accept

  • Chic Lit 60k-75k
  • Christian Fiction 50k
  • Contemporary Romance 50k-90k
  • Dystopian 60k-120k
  • Epic Fantasy Adult 60k-150k
  • Epic Fantasy YA 60k-90k
  • Fantasy 75k-95k
  • Historical Fiction 100k
  • Historical Romance 100k
  • Horror 50k-80k
  • Literary Fiction 80k-110k
  • Mystery 70k-90k
  • New Adult Romance 80k-90k
  • Non-Fiction 50k-75k
  • Non-Fiction Self Help 50k-70k
  • Non-Fiction Biographical 80k-110k
  • Paranormal 75k-95k
  • Religion/Spiritual 50k
  • Romantic Suspense 100k
  • Sci-Fi 90k-120k
  • Suspense 70k-90k
  • Thriller 70k-90k
  • True Crime 70k-120k
  • Women’s Fiction 80k-110k
  • YA Contemporary 50k-80k

We Do NOT Accept


  • We will only accept completed AND edited manuscripts
  • If you feel your work should be given consideration and does not fit these criteria, please feel free to contact us by email at


  • Manuscripts that have been previously printed in any format and have received an ASIN and/or an ISBN must have:
    • Proof all rights have reverted back to the author
    • Proof the work has been removed from sale in all formats
  • If we are interested, we will email you and request the entire manuscript
  • If we are not, we will let you know, and you may correct and resubmit

Submission Form

Please complete this form for your book to be considered by Foundations Book Publishing.

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