Submission Guidelines

All queries welcome!

Thank you for your interest in Foundations Book Publishing Company. Although my belief system is as a Christ follower, I allow no one at Foundations to discriminate in ANY manner. All are welcome and encouraged here. Every one of us are children of God and are to be treated as such. No one on Earth is perfect. Here, at Foundations, no one is expected to be. All beliefs, ages, races, genders, disabilities, and histories are embraced here. Foundations is a business and is treated as such. I hold all Foundations staff to a high level of professionalism. I ask the same of our authors, and I request the same from you.
Be Blessed,
Laura Ranger, Owner 
“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”
1 Corinthians 13:4-5 (NIV)



  • All authors*
  • Authors with or without agents
  • All genres of fiction and non-fiction
  • All subjects
  • Compilations with at least 50,000 total word count
  • Children’s books with at least 24 pages
  • Middle-grade novels of at least 40,000 total word count
*Author must be 18 or older or have representation (parental or agency)



  • Manuscripts with a word count of less than 50,000
  • Manuscripts with the following as a focal point:
    • Child pornography
    • Bestiality
    • Hate propaganda
    • Racism/intolerance
    • Hardcore erotica without story
    • We are not accepting poetry at this time.



  • Submit only one request per manuscript
  • We consider each inquiry individually, so will accept multiple stories from the same author
  • We will only accept completed AND edited manuscripts
  • If you feel your work should be given consideration and does not fit these criteria, please feel free to contact us by email at
  • If you accept an offer from another publisher on the same work, please inform us ASAP, so we can remove your submission from consideration
  • We only accept children's manuscript with story and illustrations already in place
  • The cost for illustrations will not be the responsibility of Foundations
  • We will acknowledge all submissions promptly via email
  • Review response can be up to eight (8) weeks, depending on submissions volume


  • Follow instructions
  • Send submission to:
  • Email with SUBJECT LINE reading: Query: manuscript title - genre – total word count
  • In the body of the email:
    • Your query letter
    • Author(s) full name
    • Pen name, if applicable
    • Address with Country
    • Contact phone number
    • Manuscript synopsis (Please keep this to two or three paragraphs)
    • A brief description of your writing and/or publishing history
    • List any writing accolades, i.e. writing awards, writing classes, writing seminars, or anything else you feel contributed to your becoming a writer
    • Links to your blog, website, or social media (only if pertinent to your craft)
  • All submissions must be in .doc or .docx format (NOT in the body of the email)
  • Attach a document with the first 30 pages AND the final chapter (not Epilogue)
  • Be sure all chapters are labeled
  • Include in the Header, so as to appear on every page:
    • Title
    • Author’s name(s)
    • Genre
    • Total manuscript word count (just the number)


  • Your submission
  • Foundations submission acknowledgment
  • Submission review
  • Feedback, if necessary
  • Preliminary acceptance/rejection with reason why
  • If accepted, meeting via GoogleMeet (or similar platform) with Owner, Operations Director, and Publicist/Promotions Director (only to have all questions and concerns answered-NO judgements made)
  • Acceptance/Rejection with reason why
  • If accepted, contract offer


WHAT IS SUPPLIED (When accepted)

  • Additional manuscript polishing, with up to three pass-backs between the author and our editor
  • Cover artwork by Foundations cover artist (no outside artists work accepted)
  • Proper formatting in all approved formats
  • Personal Foundations ISBN
  • Print on Demand via Amazon
  • Distribution to over 120,000 outlets worldwide
  • Open communication with Management team
  • Marketing education, direction, and assistance
  • Assistance in promotion of your completed work



Your personal, ad spend



  • Manuscripts that have been previously printed in any format and have received an ISBN must have:
    • Proof all rights have reverted back to the author
    • Proof the work has been removed from sale in all formats
    • Proof that any and all assigned ISBNs have been dissolved
  • Please feel free to send any questions or concerns via email to:
  • If we are interested, we will email you and request the entire manuscript
  • If we are not, we will give the reason why, at which time you may correct and resubmit
  • If you do not have an acknowledgment within five (5) consecutive days or have not received our decision within eight (8) weeks, please feel free to email us and inquire on the status.
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Formatting Guidelines

 Please send  your submission along with your query letter with the following  information to:
 In the SUBJECT LINE: Query:  manuscript title - genre - word count (total)
In the body of the email:
A - Your full name and pen name, if applicable.
B - Address, Country, and Phone number
C - Your email address
D -  The name of your story, the expected length, and the genre.
E - The synopsis of the manuscript. Please keep this to two or three paragraphs.
F -  A brief description of your writing and/or publishing history, if applicable. Also, please list any accolades such as writing awards, classes or seminars attended for writers or anything else you feel contributed to your becoming a writer. In addition, please include links to your author blog or website, if available.
G -All submissions must include in the Header, so as to appear on every page:
          1)  Author’s name (or names if multiple authors)
          2)  Author’s email (if multiple authors use the one we should respond to)
          3)  Genre
          4)  Total word count (of entire manuscript)
H – We will accept for consideration:
          1)  Manuscripts that include a brief synopsis of the story
          2)  The first 30 pages AND
          3)  The final chapter (not Epilogue).
I - All submissions must be sent as a .doc or .docx, Times New Roman (TNR) font, size 12 with 1” margins on all sides, 1.5 spacing and with proper indentations. If we are interested, we will email you and request the entire manuscript.
Please allow six to eight weeks to hear from us. If you do not after this time, feel free to email us.
We respond to all inquiries.