Submission Guidelines

We accept authors with or without agents

- must be 18 or older, please - unless minor has parental representation -

We are currently accepting submissions for the following genres:

 - Romance
 - Thriller/Suspense
 - Paranormal
 - Horror
 - Science Fiction
 - Fantasy
 - Young Adult
 - Children's
 - Sports
 - Christian

We currently do not accept:

- Poetry
- Self-Help 
- Technical Manuals
- Novellas
- Short Stories (unless part of a compilation and word count exceeds 50k)


A – At this time, we are accepting all genres of fiction and non-fiction. Please know we will automatically reject manuscripts that include the following as a focal point: child pornography, bestiality, hardcore erotica, hate propaganda, or racism.
B – We apologize, but we are currently not accepting stories of M/M or W/W. Unfortunately, we currently do not have anyone on staff who has a point of reference in order to do our best by you and your work. Should this change and you would like to be considered, please send us an email letting us know and we will be happy to notify you at such time.
C – Please do not send more than one request per manuscript sample. We consider each inquiry individually.
D - Please do not send a submission inquiry unless the manuscript is completed and edited.
E – At this time we are only accepting manuscripts of 50k+ word count, unless it is a children’s book. If you feel your work should be given consideration and does not fit these criteria, please feel free to contact us by email at the address below.
F – Feel free to send your manuscript to multiple publishing companies; in fact, we encourage you to. However, we ask that you inform us ASAP if you decide to sign a contract with someone else, so we can remove your submission from consideration.
G – Upon signing a contract with us, we will provide the author :
          1) Editing of manuscript with up to three pass-backs between our in-house editor. Steve Soderquist will give final approval with acceptance by the author.
           2) Cover artwork by our Foundations in-house cover artists, including back flap artwork. Laura Ranger will give final approval with acceptance by the author.
          3) Proper formatting in all approved formats for all vendor requirements to distribute with over 120,000 outlets worldwide. 
          4) Marketing direction and assistance.
          5) Assistance in promotion of your completed work.
H – Manuscripts that have been previously printed, either electronically and/or by paper and have received an ISBN must have proof all rights have reverted back to the author AND that the book has been removed from sale in all formats AND any and all assigned ISBNs have been dissolved.
I - When submitting a children's manuscript for consideration, illustrations must already be in place. Stories without illustrations will be considered only if the author has a sample of the artwork by their chosen illustrator. The cost for illustrations will not be the responsibility of Foundations.
J - We will respond to all submissions promptly via email. That can be up to 8 weeks depending on submissions volume at any given time.
Please send any questions or concerns via email to:

Formatting Guidelines

 Please send  your submission along with your query letter with the following  information to:
 In the SUBJECT LINE: Query:  manuscript title - genre - word count (total)
In the body of the email:
A - Your full name and pen name, if applicable.
B - Address, Country, and Phone number
C - Your email address
D -  The name of your story, the expected length, and the genre.
E - The synopsis of the manuscript. Please keep this to two or three paragraphs.
F -  A brief description of your writing and/or publishing history, if applicable. Also, please list any accolades such as writing awards, classes or seminars attended for writers or anything else you feel contributed to your becoming a writer. In addition, please include links to your author blog or website, if available.
G -All submissions must include in the Header, so as to appear on every page:
          1)  Author’s name (or names if multiple authors)
          2)  Author’s email (if multiple authors use the one we should respond to)
          3)  Genre
          4)  Total word count (of entire manuscript)
H – We will accept for consideration:
          1)  Manuscripts that include a brief synopsis of the story
          2)  The first 30 pages AND
          3)  The final chapter (not Epilogue).
I - All submissions must be sent as a .doc or .docx, Times New Roman (TNR) font, size 12 with 1” margins on all sides, 1.5 spacing and with proper indentations. If we are interested, we will email you and request the entire manuscript.

Please allow six to eight weeks to hear from us. If you do not after this time, feel free to email us.

We respond to all inquiries.