Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Pity's Prelude

Creighton Halbert

Stephen Bates is desperate. Paid by a foreign superpower to leave Earth and sacrifice his life, he finds that ritual suicide isn’t that simple when the planet he lands on erupts into civil war. He and local war hero, Titus Sirocco, struggle to discover who’s trustworthy and who’s gunning for them. As two different wars rage around them, will Stephen and Titus find what’s worth dying for, or will the rebels choose their fate first?

And what’s with those shapeshifters?

Origin Songs

Creighton Halbert

The world is ever-changing. Most men change with it, other men refuse to adjust, and a few men move the world with them.

Whether in primitive days or the ends of civilization, these poor fools find themselves in the worst straits their lifetime had to offer. A gardener. A political writer. A prisoner. A slave. A detective. They’ve all made their beds in the world, but some aren’t ready to lie in them just yet.

Some will drag the world down with them if they can.

The Mor

Steve Soderquist

When the benevolent race known as the Illuminous visited earth back in the 1950’s, they weren’t aware of the aliens who had attached themselves to the hull of their ship. The Mor, also known as ‘Seeds’, found Earth to be a poor choice for a new home, but a home, nonetheless. When three brilliant college students inadvertently stumbled on a formula that enhanced the Mors’ ability to communicate and grow at an incredible rate, the race was on to reverse what had been done before all of life was destroyed.


Joshua and his alien partner, Angel are part of an elite task force known as Cleaners and Seekers put together to eradicate the threat before the Mor could devastate the earth and all life, turning the planet into a desolate wasteland where only the Seeds would grow as it was on their own planet, destroyed millions of years ago.


Evolution gives each turn of the key one rotation; every stage set to have one chance. How far will the three students, one agent and the gentle female alien Angel go to play God in a playground created billions of years ago?