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Christian Fiction

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Laura Ranger

A human mate? No thanks.
Centurion watched his colleagues, one by one, drop out of the dating pool, choosing committed relationships with humans vs. bachelorhood.
Humans were weak, and he preferred things that were strong and hot… like coffee. He would never fall for one. Not when he had an array of ladies at his disposal.
But you know what they say – never say never.
When an artist’s exhibition lands him in front of a wide-eyed goddess named April, she captivates him in all the right ways. Fascinated and curious, he can’t get enough of her. There’s just one little problem:

She’s human.

April is drawn to the hunky angel but he’s a lot to handle. Not that it deters her. He’s unpredictable, incorrigible, and can’t promise forever. Only sporadic, limitless fun. Unfortunately for him, she’s after more than just his body – she also wants his heart, and if he’ll let her, she just might be the woman to steal it away.

hot chocolate Christian Fiction

Hot Chocolate

Steve Soderquist

Do you believe in miracles? Cara and Lane lost their parents on Christmas Eve five years ago to a boating accident off the Gulf of Mexico. Every year since, they’ve continued the tradition of buying hot chocolate from Jimmy’s Donut Shop and taken them to the pier, their pier, to say a prayer and leave the two cups for their parents to come down from Heaven and collect.
When two strangers showed up and the cups of hot chocolate left on the railing went missing, further investigating led the girls to a discovery they couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams…
Miracles at Christmas can and do happen.

Bonus Story from Laura Ranger!
How do old people perceive the world around them when they near the end?

Mrs. O’Malley was a miserable old woman. She lived in a nursing home. Although much of her family lived nearby, no one ever visited. With the passing years, she became unbearable. Even the staff only did what was necessary to properly maintain her.
Abbey was an eighteen-year-old girl in mourning. She ended up doing chores in a nursing home away from any interaction with the residents.