Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Are there any upfront costs the author has to pay to be published with Foundations?

A - Absolutely not. That is known as a Vanity Press, which we are not. Once an author's manuscript is accepted for publication with us, we supply the editor, cover artist and cover art for the book, all book formatting, inputting the book to all the major distributors in all ebook formats, paperback and hardcover, as well as marketing and promoting. 


Q - How are you different from most other publishing companies?

A - While many other small publishing companies focus on securing a large number of authors to maximize their own earning potential, we focus on the individual author by giving him or her our complete attention in all aspects of their novel. Starting from our high standards when employing our editors and artists and continuing to those you will be working with in promotion and marketing, our authors never feel dismissed once their book is published. 


Q - How do you help sell my book?

A - We appoint you your own Personal Assistant (PA) and a Promotor to help get your book launched as soon as it's published. This ensures you and your novel get the highest possible exposure.


Q - I sent my manuscript sample in and I was rejected. Why?

A - First off, please know that YOU were not rejected, the manuscript (for now) was. There are many reasons that your book may not be a good fit for our company at this time.  Was it at least 50k? Did it follow our submission guidelines? Was it full of editing errors that should have been easily seen? (We know when a first draft is sent to us, believe me!) We encourage all to question us and ask if there was a specific reason. I assure you we will answer. One, it shows you care enough to follow up and two, you might be surprised at the answer. If it's a matter of editing, fix it and re-submit. Our editors are not here to write your story for you, but help you make it better. If it is a matter of content, don't be discouraged to submit other manuscripts. 


Q - Can I submit more than one manuscript at a time?

A - Absolutely. However, please do not send multiple submissions of the same manuscript, and make sure each submission follows all the guidelines requested.


Q - If after I sign a contract I want to pull my book, do I have to pay a penalty?

A - This is commonly referred to in the business as a kill fee or a 'buy-out'. As much as we would like to not have this as part of our contract, we need to protect ourselves and our investments as well. This is to discourge those who would take advantage of us by using our company to get work done for free on their novel, (editing, artwork, promoting, etc) then leave as soon as said work is completed. On signing of a contract, there is an enforced one-year penalty for early termination of five hundred ($500.00) dollars. 

Please know we would ask that you allow us to address any concerns either during the first year or thereafter. We take our Mission Statement seriously, and pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication with our authors.


Q - Can I use my own editor and supply my own book cover?

A - We expect that when you send in your manuscript, it has been edited by you numerous times in order to appear as professional as possible. We have our own in-house editors and graphic artists, who we hold to the highest degree of education and professionalism provided at no cost to you if your MS is accepted for publication.


Q - Do you pay advances?

A - As we work with newer or in many cases, first-time authors, we do not have the resources to pay advancements. When an author is established and a certain amount of sales are almost guaranteed, a publishing company can pay a royalty against future sales. 

We feel our resources are best utilized by providing our authors with quality editing, cover art, P.A.s (Personal Assistants), Promoters, as well as covering the costs of formatting and all the initial books