Nicole Rhea

The Beauty of Grace

Nicole Rhea was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA.  She and her family moved to Ridgeland, MS in the summer of 2000.  Nicole was a stay at home mom who spent her free time volunteering.  Children’s ministry, prison ministry, overseas missions and even the PTO were among the opportunities she had to give of her time. 
While going through some life challenges, she began to write in 2011.  Writing became therapeutic.  The more she shared with friends, the more they encouraged her to publish her writings.  This will be her first!
Nicole is a single mother of 3 kids.  Devan and Jonathan, her sons, are on their own.  Her daughter, Emma, will be home for a while being that she’s only six years old.  Days are spent working in payroll leaving the evenings for Emma and writing.  Though sometimes, the writing comes in the early morning hours due to a bit of insomnia.