Eileen Saint Lauren

Tender Grass

Eileen Saint Lauren is an award-winning photojournalist and news and feature writer. Early in her career she was a commentator for Nebraska Public Radio as “Mississippi Blue.” In South Mississippi, Saint Lauren was awarded the “Letter J Award,” the highest Letter of academic achievement when she graduated Jones College. While at Jones College, she received Second Place and Honorable Mention for her first two feature stories with photographs at the Mississippi Junior College Press Association.

She is an honor graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has attended The Washington Center, Duke University, Kansas Newman College’s, The Milton Center, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was a student of the late distinguished poet and writer Charles Edward Eaton. Among her mentors and first encouragers are Anne Tyler, and the late, Ray Charles, Reynolds Price, Charles Edward Eaton, Richard Wilbur, and William “Bill” Styron.

After graduating from university, Saint Lauren moved to Northampton, Massachusetts, and worked at Smith College Museum of Art. While in Northampton, she worked as a library assistant, for a part-time Rabbi, and as a Reporter for a Jewish Newspaper before she was hired as a Social Secretary, Chauffeur, and Bodyguard to one of Northampton’s oldest Philanthropist who was blind. She has designed thirteen chandeliers, most notably, EILEEN, which can be purchased online at www.chandelier.com.

Eileen Saint Lauren lives with her husband in house they named Southern Light on Edwards Mountain where the eagles fly in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, having spent most her life in rural Mississippi.