Chris Liberty

Destination Death: A Horror Anthology

Dino Crisis

Chris Liberty was born in Minnesota in 1972, but lived most of his life in Georgia. He always had a love for creative arts, and was bitten by the artistic bug at a very young age. He discovered his love for writing in his late 20s, writing short stories that he shared with family and friends. After watching the Johnny Depp movie ""Sleepy Hollow"", he had the same dream three nights in a row--a mounted specter chasing a woman into a haunted forest. He wrote the dream on paper and, liking the short story so much, he decided to write a longer story around it, which led to his first novel's manuscript, ""Cravon Manor"".

His writing preference is paranormal, horror, action adventure, and mystery. Liberty is a "mood" writer, meaning the gloomier the weather, the easier it is to get into the writing mood, especially with a cup of hot black coffee on the table and rain tapping at the windows.