Simon French

Author of:

The Aryan Secret

I was born in Wallingford, England May 29, 1961 to Joan and Peter Michael French.  I am the oldest of three boys, my brothers are Christopher and Timothy French.  We  came over on the ship called the Queen Elizabeth to the United States when I was six years old.

I grew up in Oakmont PA where I lived until I married my wife Valerie.  We moved to St. Petersburg, Florida  one year after we were married and  I am still living.  We have two children, Steven and Danielle.  I love sports but soccer is my favorite.  Even though I have lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for thirty years, the teams I root for are the Pittsburgh teams that I grew up with.

I am currently working for Publix Supermarket, Inc. as a meat associate.  I have been with Publix fourteen years as of July.  I have worked in retail my whole life and even though I like it, my passion has always been to write.

I have always loved reading and writing and have always wanted to write novels, but something always held me back.  One day my son asked me what it was I truly wanted to do and I told him it was to write.  He said then do it there is nothing stopping you except yourself.  So I sat down one day and started to write my first novel, and I am so excited it is being published.