Dallas Denny

Chance Down the Mountain

From a young age, Dallas Denny was a voracious reader and writer. At age eight, however, she wasn’t sure she had talent enough to make the words just the right length to form a straight line on the right side of the page. Her discovery of proportional fonts calmed that fear, and she was off.
Dallas’ fiction, plays, and poems have appeared in the journals Whole Earth Review, Mockingbird, Cumberlands, Chrysalis Quarterly, Amethyst, Kaleidoscope, Space Grits,  Alternate Realities, Where Few Have Gone Before, Stehekin 3, and the anthology Tyranny of the Normal (C. Donley & S. Buckley, Eds.) her novel The Problem was partially serialized in the journal International TransScript. Her fantasy trilogy The Eyes of Manukan, although unpublished, inspired a tribute novel. Dallas is a songwriter as well.er
Dallas edited two magazines, each for nearly ten years, and any number of newsletters. She has written prolifically on transgender issues, with two textbooks, a self-help book, more than twenty book chapters, and hundreds of journal and magazine articles to her credit. Her work in its entirety is available on her website at www.dallasdeeny/com/Writing.
Dallas worked many years as an applied behavior analyst with populations of developmentally disabled and behaviorally disturbed adults in the South. She has described that job as part detective, teacher, part Sumo wrestler. She was licensed to practice psychology in Tennessee until she retired her license after moving to Georgia. She has been happily retired since 2009.
Dallas was born in Asheville, North Carolina and has lived many places, including Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, and, France. For the past few years she has lived in the mountains in northern New Jersey. She moved there for love and has learned to say “Hi, hawaya.”