Tony Amico



Author of:

Painting Life with Words of Encouragement


Anthony "Tony" Amico born in a small close-knit community of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, raised in the post WW2 era of the 60’s 70’s etc. in an Italian-American neighborhood.
With a working class up bringing. Tony always had an artistic flare about him. Creativity was an inherited trait he never took for granted.
Although he explored several vocations, ultimately, Masonry would be his calling.
As life and circumstances progressed, his art was ever intertwining through the pages of his life.
After the loss of his only child, Michelangelo, writing would take a place in his heart often as a way to communicate to himself. Eventually as to reach out to others.
His style of writing is to create visual images through his words and thoughts. Hence the title, Painting Life with Words of Encouragement.