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Des Birch was born in Limerick, Eire, but moved to England when he was a baby.  Des has been writing all of his life, from letters of complaint to eulogies; wedding speeches to a marriage proposal.  He is a self-confessed writing nut and is wild about the natural world, so it seemed reasonable to combine these two in his young adult books (Dark Waters series).  Des has a BSc (hons) open, a TEFAL diploma, but chooses to weld for a living.  His three greatest fears are heights, bears and hagfish.

Des breaks all the recommendations that writers are meant to follow.  He rarely reads fiction, he only ever writes one draft of any work, and he believes that writer's block is a myth.  When asked where he gets ideas for stories, he tells you that the story is irrelevant and is chosen last, when planning a book.  He admits that people find him strange, but adds that he has never been a follower.

Des wrote his first book, The Diary of an Innocent, while he was living in Spain.  Then came the Dark Waters series, which seeks to better prepare young people for the slippery slope into adulthood.  The Redemption is a story with an interesting twist at the end, which leaves many people having to re-read the previous chapter, to make sense of the book.  Then in a lighter phase of his life, Des wrote Different Eyes;  a short book of anthologies and short stories.  Des also writes under the name Juliandes, because in more turbulent phases, he writes hard-hitting stories with adult themes.  Des has published Lamia under this nom-de-plum, and he is currently working on The Road to Chequered Sunlight, a book about the making of a serial killer.

When asked about his greatest wish for his writing career, he will say that he would like his Dark Waters series to be in every school in the world, to help young minds cope.

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