I’ve been weaving stories all my life. I consider myself an author who was twenty years in the making before I began writing my first novel. I took the leap and put a short story in an Anthology with seven other authors in 2013, due to Steve Soderquist’s encouragement and belief in my ability. That year I began writing Rogue with him. I’ve since completed two other novels, Deception and Royalty. I have three more fully underway, with several others at various stages. I love to write and remember the first time I saw my story in print. I want to do the same for other writers. I want to help them feel the joy and excitement I felt.


Director of Operations/

I started writing when I was seventeen but had bigger dreams than abilities. After some very humbling experiences, I took the time to learn the craft and threw myself into studying all aspects of first English 101, then how creative writing fit into those often rigid rules. With that, a writer and editor was born. I wrote and published my first novella nine years ago, then had my first novel published a year after that. (Both horror stories!)

I was briefly with Damnation Books, Eternal Press, LLC as a Staff editor before going freelance. I’ve since edited for numerous talented and now published authors, whose works range in genre from science fiction, to romance, to horror, to young adult. This has increased my own flexibility in writing, which in turn opened doors to create published works that include paranormal, science fiction, children and young adult. Between 2013 and late 2018, I’ve written and published four more books while working as an editor. Now, even with the responsibilities of Director of Operations and Chief Editor and formatter with this great publishing company, I am still actively involved in the writing community by holding training seminars and webinars, teaching the finer points of the 'how-to's' when writing, editing, formatting, and marketing.


Promotions Specialist
Susan James Pierce has a degree in Marketing Management with a certification as a Small Business Marketing Specialist. She’s been in the publishing industry since 2010, and is a bestselling self-published author with ten novels under her belt, before she signed on with Foundations in 2016. Her goal for success is quite simple – work hard and be nice. The rest will fall into place.


Lead Artist
Dawné Dominique is a best-selling, multi-published author and an award winning professional book cover artist. With over fifteen years’ experience, she devotes her time between creating cover art for numerous publishers and Indie authors, while trying to write the next paranormal/fantasy bestseller.
Being an author herself, she knows how important cover art is to an author. She has humbly accepted many awards and honourable mentions, but she’s quick to attribute her success to the diverse authors she represents. Without them none of those accolades would be possible.
An accomplished oil painter and sketch artist, she has dabbled in all mediums of art.
She loves what she does and every cover is a challenge to exemplify an author’s deepest desire to see their words depicted into art.


Multi-genre Editor
Dr. Nathan E. H. Fayard is a professor of medieval literature because “swashbuckling adventurer” isn’t really a viable career path these days.  Instead, he got his doctorate at the University of Arkansas and now makes do by studying tales of adventure and heroism, both modern and medieval.
In his graduate work, he learned the writer’s craft, and these days he teaches academic and fiction writing at the college level, as well as serving as an editor for Foundations’ texts.
He loves helping writers polish and shape their work, aiding them in bringing their stories to life for their readers, and he looks forward to working with Foundation’s great pool of talent!


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Multi-genre Editor

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