Fall From Grace: Book Four in the Medici Warrior Series

The Medici Warrior Series

Book Cover: Fall From Grace: Book Four in the Medici Warrior Series
Editions:Paperback - Second Edition: $ 24.99
ISBN: 978-1645830412
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 680
Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 680
ePub - Second Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9781005547141
Pages: 680

JR Ward and Christine Feehan fans will become enchanted with this deliciously dark and scandalous series by International Bestselling Author Emily Bex. It's everything vampire romances should be made of!

Continue the journey in this dark fantasy with Shade and Kate Medici.

Lorenzo discovers his mother isn’t the only one born with unique powers.

Alec makes his final bid for political power and is prepared to take down anyone who stands in his way.

There is nothing more dangerous than a vampire with nothing more to lose. You won’t believe what happens when he returns to exact his own revenge.

"Scorching", "riveting", and hailed as "the NEXT BIG THING", The Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of paranormal, smoldering romance, and historical fiction. Get your copy today! Your vampire king is waiting...


“Talk to me, Shan. I see concern in your eyes.”
She sighed as she lay back against the sofa. “You see everything in my eyes.”
He chuckled. “Well, not everything. If I could see everything, I’d already know what’s troubling you. Talk to me, mia belleza. Whatever it is, we can fix it, yes?”
Shannon stared back into those pale hazel eyes, in sharp contrast to his dark, olive skin. “I talked to Kate today. She told me she’s pregnant again.”
He nodded at her, never breaking eye contact. He knew how much she struggled with Kate’s first pregnancy, and the fact Shade had to come to him for feeding. “Are you not happy for them?”
She closed her eyes tightly. “You know I am. I want only the best for them. Kate is like a sister to me. But Luca…when is it our turn?”
Luca leaned in to her, his lips brushing her cheek, his breath hot against her ear as he whispered, “Tell me what you need, mia belleza.


If it is mine to give, I will give it.”
Shannon melted under his spell, and swallowed hard as she answered, “You talk about eternity for us, but you never mention turning me. I need to know what you see for us. I need to know where I fit in.”

Reviews:Evelyn Dotson on Goodreads wrote:

The fourth installment of the Medici brings about new love interests, revenge, karma, and new beginnings. What will be in store for the Medici’s next? And all the other player’s in the game? I do believe many characters that appeared in this book have made plans for the future to infringe upon the Medici Empire, one way or another!

Nicola on Goodreads wrote:

Emily has done it again!
Book four... wow! Ive laughed, cried, got angry, been shock, been excited and now left in suspense for book five.
You have outdone yourself again, a-ma-zing 😊

Isabel Debono on Goodreads wrote:

This series just keeps getting better.
This is the 4th book in the series and I need more.
Loving the world Emily has created for us.
Definite must read... but be sure you start from book 1.

Paperback - $24.99

The Medici Queen: Book Three in The Medici Warrior Series

Book Cover: The Medici Queen: Book Three in The Medici Warrior Series
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 24.99
ISBN: 978-1645830337
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 733
Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 733
ePub - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463147214
Pages: 733

JR Ward and Christine Feehan fans will become enchanted with this deliciously dark and erotic tale by International Bestselling Author Emily Bex. It's everything vampire romances should be made of!

There are new beginnings for the ancient Medici vampire coven.

The sexy, powerful King Shade Medici intends to increase his coven and territories to include the U.S. The new Medici Queen proves she can hold her own beside her king. She carries rare abilities believed extinct by the vampire community. She also possesses something never seen in the vampire world. What will it mean to their kind?

A male heir must be produced to carry on the Medici line.The royal couple has many new plans in business to advance their hold in the States...but not everyone is happy about it. The sprawling Medici estate is a threat to its neighboring coven, controlled by Max. Their lifestyle is Rissa's greatest envy. Secrets will be revealed, old scores will be settled, and many will fall.

"Scorching","riveting", and hailed as" the NEXT BIG THING", The Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of paranormal, smoldering romance, and historical fiction. Get your copy today! Your vampire king and queen are waiting...

AUTHOR'S NOTE:This is a series that must be read in order. New to the Medici Warrior universe? Start at Book One!


Max informed Lein Shade's mate was on her way here, and he’d like for her to make herself scarce. Lein looked at him warily.

"Do not be deceived, Master."

Max laughed. “It seems Shade hasn’t been seen or heard from since his visit here and I need to console his lonely mate."

Lein shook her head. "Beware of a trap."

Max stroked her face. “She was mortal, only recently turned. He keeps her locked away. I think I can handle it."

Lein looked at him with skepticism. "Never underestimate the power of an angry woman."

Max smirked. "She’s not angry, Lein, she’s sad and heartbroken. I've got this under control. If Shade’s gone, the estate is vulnerable. I need to see what she knows."

Lein would do as she was told, bowed to him, and left, but she had her doubts.

Reviews:Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

First of all, The Medici Queen series, is absolute book crack. Once you start, you can not, and do not want it to end. This story is highly erotic, full of action, and romance. I've laughed and cried with all three books. this one hurt more though.

MJ on Amazon wrote:

The Medici Queen is full of spectacular scenes and excitement! Once you start this book it will be incredibly hard to put it down. It’s chalk full of details on everything from love, hate, jealousy, deceit, and old endings to new beginnings ( I don’t want to give anything away). This paranormal is not your typical romance story. No, it’s filled with mystery that you’ll want to solve all the way to the end. A Top notch book that will curl your toes!

Christy Cline on Amazon wrote:

If you loved books 1 and 2 then the 3rd book will knock your socks off! Emily has completely outdone herself with this book. Each page is so captivating. I couldn’t put it down! I cannot wait until the next book. These books just make you want more. I have no clue how I lived without Shade and Kate!!!

Jacpace on Amazon wrote:

I am loving these books more and more! I can't wait to find out more of the journey in the Medici Warrior series. I love the connection that Kate and Shade have and it just keeps getting stronger and more intense. These books are full of suspense, romance, love, hate, jealousy, and so much more so if you haven't started the series run and pick up book 1 asap!! You won't be disappointed.

Paperback - $24.99

The Turning: Book Two in The Medici Warrior Series

Book 2 in the Medici Warrior Series

Book Cover: The Turning: Book Two in The Medici Warrior Series
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 21.99
ISBN: 978-1645830139
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 609
Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: B081VQX862
Pages: 609
ePub - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463264430
Pages: 609

Immortality beckons.

Unable to escape the crushing grief of losing her child, Kate needs an outlet to channel her anguish. Turning to Luca, her protector, she pleads to be trained to fight like a warrior, but such a thing is a direct violation of Shade’s demands…

Meaning her training must be done in secret.

Unfortunately, her training is coming too little too late. Intent on crushing him, the Aries coven is pressing in on Shade from all sides. To them, Kate is the perfect bait as his lone weakness.

While their blood covenant made Kate stronger, as long as she’s mortal her life is in peril. Can Shade convince her to join him as an immortal knowing she may not survive the turning?

Publisher: Foundations
Cover Artists:

The rogue hesitated, did not answer and Shade watched as the warriors circled, ready for the kill. Alec nodded and this fucker belonged to them. The rogue’s fear spiked as he was surrounded, and he spat on Alec and said, “Angel.”

Alec’s beast emerged as the young rogue spit at him. Eyes red and fangs bared, he screamed to the heavens, “There is no master named Angel. Kill him!” He watched as a frenzy of warriors tore into him, ripping his limbs free, tearing his head from his body, and leaving nothing recognizable when they were done. Angel. Who the fuck was Angel? And what hell was about to rain down on us now?

Shade watched as the blood spattered, and he turned his back and walked outside for a smoke. He was done for the night and ready to get the hell home to a shower and his woman.


Alec saw the warriors ripping the rogue to shreds and followed Shade outside to find him leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette. “I know every vampire master on every continent. There is no master named Angel. Does Angel mean anything to you?”

Shade scuffed his heavy boots against the pavement, “Nope. And if you don’t know…” He turned his head to look at Alec, Shade’s bloodied hair and face in such a contrast to Alec’s. “…then we got more hell than either of us could imagine, brother.”

Reviews:Beth DiLoreto on https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1R8BLBPKDNPZW/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B081VQX862 wrote:

It's been done again! Kate & Shade are an irreplaceable couple. You just can not get enough of them. I absolutely devoured this book, in one sitting. You dont want their story to end.

Paperback - $21.99

The Blood Covenant – The Medici Warrior Series: Book 1

Book Cover: The Blood Covenant - The Medici Warrior Series: Book 1
Editions:Paperback - Second Edition: $ 21.99
ISBN: 978-1797535685
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 509
Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 509
ePub - Second Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 509

"Blood Covenant combines the hedonistic jet-setting pleasures of BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE and the dirty little secret thrills of a DEAD SEXY VAMPIRE!" - Katalina Leon, USA Today Bestselling Author 

"This series is going to HIT THE CHARTS... what an epic tale. Thank you Emily from a NEW FAN!Cheryl, Amazon Reviewer

When he met her, he knew how it would end. 

Shade Medici, a warrior king and sole male heir to the dynasty, is expected to mate and produce an heir to secure the continuation of the Medici coven. He's waited over 500 years for the right mate, and when he meets Kate Reese, his attraction is more than primal - it's merciless.

She's also mortal.

Kate is fresh off a broken engagement and reluctant to open her heart, but her hesitations are no match for the unrelenting pursuits of the vampire King. Their passion for each other is searing... and not everyone is happy about it. Namely the ruling Council.

As they fight against deceit, treachery, and those who aim to see their love fail, Shade also struggles to control his impulses as Kate is immersed into his dark and dangerous world, but it's imperative he prepare her for the changes that will be demanded of her should she choose to bind herself to him through the blood covenant. All that scorches and glitters isn't gold, and she quickly learns that falling in love with a vampire King comes at a hefty price:

It may just cost her everything.

"Riveting", "electric", and hailed as "the NEXT BIG THING", The Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of paranormal, smoldering slow-burn romance, and historical fiction. Get your copy today! Your vampire king is waiting...


Dialing up Kate, Rissa doesn’t even look at the time and doesn’t really care, Kate will take her call, and she will get answers. If she doesn’t, Rissa will be making a house call, like it or not. Shade won’t keep her out of that house, no matter what he tries. Nor will that fucking puppet of his. The phone rings several times, and Rissa starts pacing.

“Damn you, answer!”

Kate awakens, hears her cell phone, and groggily grabs for it on the bedside table. She checks the caller ID to see Rissa.

“Hello? Rissa?”

“Kate, yes, my heavens, I didn’t even realize the time. I hope I did not awaken you, sweetie?”


Kate shakes the sleep from her head, “Oh...no matter. I seem to sleep a lot lately. But Rissa, I have to ask, what were you thinking? The feeder? Why didn't you call me and check?”

“Oh Kate, I wasn’t thinking, I just wanted to do everything I could to help. Having a feeder is such a normal occurrence for male vampires when their mate is pregnant. I just assumed you would need one, and that you certainly would want Shade to be taken care of. I had no idea it would upset you. I am sorry. I forget sometimes you are still mortal, and not accustomed to our ways. I have been just devastated since it happened. Please, please forgive me, won’t you? I want to be there every step of the way to help with your pregnancy, Alec insists, and I so agree with him.”

Sniffing, she pulls out all the stops to get the information she needs.

Reviews:KL on http://www.amazon.com wrote:

Shade’s a gorgeous billionaire immortal, sex-of-your-dreams-lover, warrior-king who owns a slew of quality vineyards. What more do you want?
Insanely wealthy and a bit world-weary, Shade Medici is the ultimate power player. For centuries, he’s been a vampiric master among masters and carries royal blood from a golden age when the great Medici family ruled Florence. A passionate lover with a dangerous past, he’s since learned patience and knows that what he desires will come to him willingly, and what he desires most is vivacious redhead, Kate Reese. Kate’s a D.C. based professional that specializes in promotion. Too bad Shade’s true business and existence cannot be publicized…

The language is immediate and the story fast-paced. I loved Kate’s down to earth sensibility and the way she fostered Shade’s protective instincts. This is a slow burn romance that will provide many happy hours of reading.

Amy SMith on http://www.amazon.com wrote:

Loved the vampire story! I can't wait for the next volumes in the series to see where this goes. Great, well developed main characters as well as secondary characters, and some great villains. Romantic, sexy and erotic. Captivating story lines and lots of intrigue. If you've not read vampire stories before the author does a good job of explaining the vampire culture/world as well as connecting the past and present.

Joann McGee on http://www.amazon.com wrote:

The Blood Covenant is a steadfast love story with waves of emotional drama. The characters are written with real energy and you immediately begin to be drawn into their lives. This is the paranormal romance I have been waiting for! The action is fast paced and holds your attention. You will not want to stop reading. Let the Medici warriors take you on a world wide journey from Virginia to Paris and Italy. Kudo to first time author Emily Bex. This series is a keeper and definately worth every penny. My heart can barely wait for the next book in this incredible series!

NOTE: Paperback listed on Amazon is Part One! Part two and Part three are listed separately!

Paperback - $21.99