Toni Michelle

I am an editor,and have over 250 fantastic titles under my belt. I also format manuscripts for print and eBook and create the files needed for digital publishing. I am a personal assistant as well, and absolutely LOVE what I do, so I take pride in the quality of my work.

My journey began with an author I once reviewed. I pointed out the editing mistakes and lack of character development that I discovered in her book. Appreciative of my observations and honest feedback, she hired me to fix them. After editing a number of books by authors she had referred to me, I began a freelance business in editing, and by 2015, I had gone full-time. I now have the pleasure of telling you that I edit for Best-Selling Authors, SE Rise and Amanda Kay. I have a keen eye and can spot a mistake from a mile away. Misspelled words, grammar tweaks, and punctuation calls out to me like a screaming baby. Sentence structure and ensuring common words aren’t overused is my specialty, turning your manuscript into the gem it is meant to be.

My overall goal is to make your book the best it can be. I have edited many genres in Fiction, and a couple in Non-Fiction. Paranormal, Romance and Erotica are genres I have the most experience in, although, I am flexible with any Fictional genre. I know that I can assist in making your manuscript the best it can be, and will provide you with some of the highest quality edits in the industry.