Book Cover: Themis
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.99
ISBN: 978-1645830061
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 193
Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 193
ePub - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463236796
Pages: 193

Where do the lines blur between justice and sacrifice?

Run by the beautiful and charismatic woman known only as Bow, Themis is an organisation created with the sole purpose of doling out justice—justice that picks up where the law fails. When fifteen-year-old Liberty begins questioning the very essence of what she’d been taught all her life, those who have nurtured her are faced with the decision to either continue to give her the protection she has been allowed or seal her fate within its walls.

No matter their decision, each follower is weighed down by the consequences of their decisions as they establish where their true loyalty lies. With the list of those missing growing, the police continue to be frustrated as they attempt to uncover what’s really going on.

As Pippa and Alfie begin to unravel the web of lies and deceit that cover Themis’ trail, they endanger many lives, including their own and those closest to them. As their tips run cold and the body count increases, the police are drawn into a cat-and-mouse game with an underground vigilante and her dedicated followers, with a taste for blood and an absolute sense of justice.

One young woman holds the key, but will she turn the locks of Themis?

Publisher: Foundations
Cover Artists:

“Hello, Beverly,” a strong, feminine voice said as the shadowed figure walked leisurely towards the desperate woman. Bev blinked, trying to get her eyes to focus on the image in front of her. “Do you know who I am?” the lady asked, getting closer to Bev’s position.
Bev simply shook her head.
“I’m Bow. Your saviour. I will change your fate. I will get you the justice you deserve. Do you want to live, or do you want to die?”
The woman asked Bev this question with the casualness of whether she would like to go out for lunch. The lady now kneeled in front of her. Bow’s legs were barely covered by the skimpy red dress she wore, matching her deep-dyed red hair which curled neatly around her face. Two tattoos were visible on her thigh. Bev recognised it. The scales and the sword. Her clouded memory wouldn’t allow her to access any more information about those tattoos. Somewhere in Bev


s memory, she recognised the symbols, but she couldn't place their meaning.
“Beverly?” Bow pushed.
“Live,” she whispered. Her eyes felt heavy. It did not matter how much she tried to resist, her eyelids fell and dropped with ease. Her last thought was not one based on fear, or panic, but of comfort, safety, and control.

Reviews:Philippa Mckenna on wrote:

Whilst this book is as far away from my comfort zone as you can possibly get, I LOVED it!! Quite some time ago, I read this author's first book, Valor Diamond. That was good - but this is a belter! I cannot believe how mature her writing has become. She's really grown as an author. And let me tell you, she has a sick mind!! So, Themis. What's it all about? Well, without giving too much away, it's an organisation headed up by the fearsome Bow; a woman you definitely don't want to mess with or get on the wrong side of. With her team of followers, Bow is hell bent on bringing her own kind of justice to certain people who have wronged her throughout her life. Yes she is a nasty piece of work, but by the end of the book I felt real sympathy towards her and completely 'got' her. The book is gory, and really difficult to read in places. Be warned, it contains graphic descriptions of physical child abuse and an incident of animal cruelty, so if you find these subjects hard to deal with you might want to steer clear! Me on the other hand, am desperate for a sequel because the ending is sooo ripe for a follow up. Brilliant stuff.

Lydia Haigh on wrote:

This novel is a page turner if ever I’ve read one! After only reading the first few sentences I found myself already enthralled in the somewhat twisted and intriguing plot, and with the quick paced story-telling that the author achieves, it is one that could easily be unravelled in one sitting. With dark themes and disturbing imagery throughout, this novel manages to encapsulate the feeling of “not-wanting-to-look-but-can’t-look-away” within the reader (in the best way). The author’s use of various perspectives in each chapter of the novel allows the reader further insight to all of her characters, and I was surprised when I found that I actually felt for, and could understand the ‘villain’ of the piece: Bow, whose actions throughout are very difficult to justify. Themis is a captivating read that will have you constantly wondering how this is going to pan out, along with shuddering, and will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend, provided that you’re not too squeamish!

Paperback - $15.99

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