The Goddess’ Respite

Book Cover: The Goddess' Respite
Part of the The Goddess Chronicles series:
  • The Goddess' Respite
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 16.99
ISBN: 978-1645830016
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 349
Kindle: $ 4.49
Pages: 349
ePub: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463235188
Pages: 349

*FIVE STARS* There are teen vampire books, and then there’s THIS teen vampire book. Funny, sympathetic, and relatable, it’s a welcome departure from a genre you think you already know.

Isabeth, a seemingly seventeen-year-old girl moved to Niles, Michigan a couple of years ago.

Ayrie loves nothing more than to troll her biology teacher, annoy her roommates, and live it up. Meanwhile, Aeron broods and sulks, as she has grown restless with the monotony of living a normal life.

In truth, they are vampires, but Aeron has another name, and to speak it can make even the most bloodthirsty of vampires pause. They say she is a myth, a legend to scare fledgling vampires into submission. That is what the many vampire lords believe, but they all know the truth—once upon a time, there was only one lord.

Betrayed, cast aside, she bides her time until she can take back what is hers; to get the revenge she craves, and remind the world… The Goddess is the one true Lord of the Choir.

Publisher: Foundations
Cover Artists:

I walked forward, my black cloak hiding my youthful appearance. With the Honor Guard and Voices behind me, I addressed the real power of the Choir. You always allowed the generals and politicians to think they were important, but it was the cannon fodder who bled and died in the field. I surveyed a segment of the largest standing army in Europe with pride and satisfaction. They were mine to wield as I pleased, and it was time to unleash them.

“Who do you serve?” I asked them.

Another aspect of the ritual—it allows them to feel the choice was theirs to make.

No delay. No thought involved. All ten thousand shouted with one voice. “You, my Goddess!”


“So, serve me now,” I replied. “Here in this land, there are people who think they are above you. That they don't need to bow before your lord. Show them the folly of their ways. Burn their villages. Destroy their livelihoods and bring me their rebellious leaders. Any who do not submit, make examples of them.”

The Voices came forward and shouted, “Her will is known!”

“So it was told, so shall it be!” the Choir roared in reply.

I put my hands out in a form of a benediction. “Go, my Choir, bring me glory.”

Someone nudged me, and I blinked my eyes open rapidly.

“Not often ah catch ye day-dreamin'.”

“A nightmare is better than this,” I said, with a paltry wave of my hand at the pep rally.

Ayrie chuckled. “Aye, wonder what she makes of all of it,” she commented, nodding her head down towards Isabeth.

“I'm surprised she's not in one of those little skirts herself, rah, rah, rahhing herself to death with the rest of insipid cock smitten twats.”

Ayrie cringed, but when Isabeth didn't react, she relaxed. “Oi,” she muttered.

Reviews:Sooshin on Amazon wrote:

I was given the opportunity to read this book as it was written and it is excellent. You will enjoy the characters and their development. This is the first of a series, so let's all beat Richard up out back for ending things on a cliffhanger. Or not.

A Buyer on Amazon wrote:

There are teen vampire books, and then there’s THIS teen vampire book. Funny, sympathetic, and relatable, it’s a welcome departure from a genre you think you already know. Sequel, please!!

Sosgirl1981 on Amazon wrote:

I had the pleasure of reading this book while in the developmental stages. It’s very captivating and leaves you wanting to read more. I can’t speak enough to how well this is written. Amazing story and looking forward to reading more!

Paperback - $16.99

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