Spectacle: Book Three – The Spectacle Series

Book Cover: Spectacle: Book Three - The Spectacle Series
Editions:Paperback - Second Edition: $ 15.99
ISBN: 978-1795752138
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 127
Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 127
ePub - Second Edition: $ 127.00

After the disaster at the Capital, Cole and I teleported to the mountains to hide out, Taylor and Luxxe are still with the enemies, and we're all the most wanted people in New America... which doesn't fare well for our plan to set our people free. Thankfully, hope comes in the form of Garrett, a green-eyed boy from the Capital who's helping lead the rebellion, though it may not be enough. Will evil and suppression still prevail?

Find out what happens when vengeance and dark intentions collide in this"powerful" and "refreshingly unique" Dystopian series. Binge-read today! Complete series available now...
Publisher: Foundations
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The boy with the green eyes stomps over, Aaron at his heels. “What in the hell is going on?” the boy barks. I note how his rifle is still slung across his back–he must not see us as a threat–but I’m not waiting around to find out for sure. I stand and grip Taylor’s arm again, this time harder. She tries to tear it away, but I’m latched on. She grunts in frustration. “Stop!” I yell at the boy, my shrill voice echoing through the woods. Amazingly, he listens. “I’m two seconds away from teleporting us out of here if you take another step,” I lie.

Understanding sweeps across his face, then awe. It settles into caution.

Aaron holds up his hands in surrender, asking, “Can I at least go break up the boys before they kill each other?”


I hesitate, reluctantly nod. Their sparring sounds like two disgruntled hogs – ear-splitting and brutal. I don’t need another dead friend. Besides, Aaron knows I wouldn’t leave without him. “Then we’ll talk about all this.”

“Get your paws off me,” Taylor spits at me, tugging.

I ignore her.

“You can let go of her, ya know,” the green-eyed boy says. “None of this is necessary.”

I flash him a deadly look. Like I believe anything he has to say. I’ll give them a chance to explain, but I have the upper hand…or so they think. As far as they know, I can get us out of here whenever I want.

While Aaron tries to break up the fight, the bearded man in flannel eyes me. The Changer woman whispers in his ear. I get a better look at her. She reminds me of Blythe in a way, with her silver-laced dreads and laugh lines around her mouth and eyes, but she’s sturdier. Broader. And her irises are celery green.

“Ow!” Cole howls.

We turn to see Aaron twisting Cole’s arm behind his back. Cole falls to his knees. “You gonna chill out, man?” Aaron asks, but he’s not menacing about it. It seems to pain him.

Cole growls but nods, wincing.

The man he attacked staggers to his feet, blinking his one good eye, the other one already swelling shut. Blood drips from his nose and over his lips. “Fuck,” he stammers, blood spraying. He’s lost his hat somewhere in the fray, mud smeared up one side of his face and matting his blond hair.

Cole appears to be untouched, minus a few scrapes and sprigs of foliage in his dreads. His massive shoulders heave with exhaustion. He gave it everything he had. Aaron can’t help but chuckle humorlessly. “I guess you paid attention during. L...” He stops himself from saying his name. A shadow passes over his features. “Training.”

Reviews:Sassy on Amazon wrote:

What a great ending to this series. Mira, Cole and Taylor were amazing. To keep fighting after all that happened in book two—respect. There was a chance for humanity to redeem itself at the end of this—and I honestly did not know if that would happen. I’d like to think that people would see the error of their ways and do the right thing, but today’s climate demonstrates otherwise. I was really happy with how this wrapped up. Many were lost along the way, but I was glad those who remained got the ending they did. Such a great series.

Amanda Corpening on Amazon wrote:

I absolutely loved this book the beginning is right where the 2nd book left off. The ending was perfect.

Phyllis Moore on Amazon wrote:

The author continues with a fantastic story with great world building and character developments.

Paperback - $15.99

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