Book Cover: Royalty
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Pages: 282
 Rayne Martin is a typical teen excited to go off to college. However, the school she chooses at random is anything but typical and she begins to doubt she will ever fit in at Brighton College. Rayne grew up in the Bible belt and attended church whenever her parents wanted her to. She considered herself to be a good Christian. When she truly commits to being a believer, she embraces the fact that she is a daughter of the King and therefore, Royalty.
Now God is calling on her to wage war against the demons and Satanists threatening to overrun Brighton. Rayne is sure He is mistaken. How can someone who has never even been in a fight lead in battle? Where will she find others willing to risk their lives to stand with her against such evil?



“Someone’s coming! We don’t recognize the cars. What do we do?”

Rayne had considered over the time what to do if this ever happened, so she didn’t hesitate to jump to action. She didn’t have a choice now. She knew she couldn’t be seen, but prayed her plan would work. She climbed up on the platform and got everyone’s attention. She said, “Some people are coming. I need everyone to sit down and open your Bibles to Proverbs two and study wisdom. Pray those who are in the woods don’t come back before whoever it is leaves. If they’re questioned, everyone cover to say they were out hunting. Reverend, can you come up and lead them, please? I have to make myself scarce.”

Everyone got into a posture of study and prayer, while Rayne ran up the back stairs to hide in a closet behind some large tools. She prayed fervently her plan would work and she wouldn’t be discovered.


The time felt like it lasted for eons. She could hear multiple muffled voices. She couldn’t make out what any of them were saying. She wished she had a speaker system to eves drop on what was happening downstairs. She was growing inpatient when she heard several footfalls coming up the back stairs. Rayne held her breath and prayed. She heard different voices. One at a time called out from various places, “All clear!”

Her heart was pounding in her ears. She began to tremble as the voices came closer. Her breathing became ragged. The door to the closet she was hiding in, opened. She closed her eyes, again held her breath and was trying to stop the trembling. She prayed, Lord Jesus, hide me from their sight. Although the man seemed to be looking right at her, staring her in the eye, he said nothing.

The door closed and an “All clear!” was called out. She let out a long, slow breath, relaxed and tipped her head back to rest on the wall behind her. Rayne knew it was only God who hid her from view.

As she heard the footsteps retreat down the front stairs, she slid down to sit on the floor and laid her head in her hands. She began to cry from the flood of nerves and adrenaline that surged through her body. She waited a long time afterward, until she heard people calling out that she was safe to come out. Her legs had gone to sleep from so long in the same position. Rayne struggled to get to her feet. The door to the closet opened and one of the women sentries helped her up. She said, “Good thing no one checked this closet.”

Rayne asked what she meant.

“Well, if they had looked in here, you would have been discovered.”

“They did look in here.”

“And you were right here?”

“Yes, but I was standing.”

“How did they not see you?”

“I thought he did, but these tools must have kept me hidden.”

“They couldn’t have.”

Rayne smiled and said, “Thank you, God! He obviously answered my prayer and hid me from their view.”

“You’re telling me you stood right here in front of him and he didn’t see you? Do you think he did but acted like he didn’t to tell everyone later?”

“I never saw recognition in his eyes. It was though he was looking through me.”

Reviews:Sarah E. Bradley on InD'tale magazine wrote:

INSPIRATIONAL: Rayne Martin was raised in the Bible belt and went to church as everyone expected her to. However, it isn’t until she chooses a random college far from home that she truly decides whether to believe or not. Unbeknownst to Rayne, the college she chose is in a town full of demons, satanic worshipers, and witches of all kinds. After some of the Christian believers in town rescue her from danger, she truly embraces God for the first time and sees herself as the daughter of the King. Called to lead the faithful against the evil forces taking over town, Rayne isn’t sure if a new Christian and teenage girl like herself has what it takes to defeat such wickedness, but if she isn’t willing to try, more than just lives will be lost — it will be their souls, too.

“Royalty” is a story of self-discovery and Christianity mixed in with some paranormal elements. The characters in the book are clear-cut and the plot has plenty of development, with lots of scriptures mixed in. The romance is a bit of roller coaster, with Rayne uncertain whether to like or hate the hero, but the romance stays at a mild but sweet level. However, the story also has several time skips, with many things happening off-screen and told by the author rather than shown. The plot is also a bit predictable. Still, “Royalty” is an interesting take on Christian fiction, with enough action to make for an exciting read.

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