Principal Kidd: School Rules! (Full Color)

School Rules!

Book Cover: Principal Kidd: School Rules! (Full Color)
Part of the Principal Kidd series:
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 17.99
ISBN: 978-1544667034
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 88
Kindle: $ 4.49
Pages: 88


In Full Color! Eleven-year-old whiz, Oliver Kidd, had no trouble using his genius IQ to skip grades and zoom through the accelerated college program. But after landing a job as the world’s first kid principal back at his old elementary school, Oliver faces sabotage from the jealous vice principal, Mr. Dagger, along with challenges of a kid in charge of the teachers, parents, and students. Good thing his trusty sidekick and school mascot, Chelsea the chicken, is on his side. Principal Kidd scores points with the students with his new rules, until the town health inspector shows up and threatens to shut the doors on Eggshell Elementary. Join in on the giggles and mayhem as Oliver Kidd and his friends since kindergarten try to save Eggshell Elementary. (Just watch your step, you may encounter chicken poop!)

Publisher: Foundations

“This is going to be just like old times, being back at Eggshell,” said Oliver. “Remember kindergarten here? Those were the days, huh?”

Oliver gazed into space and smiled as his thoughts drifted back to their kindergarten days. He pictured the big room that smelled like glue and crayons, with toys and games everywhere. He remembered a tiny Tucker, wearing a cape and hat, chasing a baby Chelsea chick around the room with his magician’s wand.

A pint-sized April Mae, with a thick braid longer than she was tall, was at a table with a toy crystal ball, handing out horoscopes.

Oliver pictured himself back on the beanbag chair reading his favorite Quantum Physics book. He had plunked the huge book down with a thud and stood on it. “Here’s a good joke for you. Where does bad light go?”

April Mae, Tucker and Chelsea had gathered closer to listen.

Oliver stood taller. “To a prism!”

Reviews:C. Fernandezo wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great kids' book!

What a cute book! My 9 year old son really enjoyed this book - he is looking forward to the next one in this series! He asked his school library to get a copy of it too - his friends are clamoring to read it too. Charming characters who draw you in - nicely done!

Halli Gomez on The Winged Pen wrote:

Principal Kidd School Rules is the first book in the Principal Kidd series by author and illustrator Connie T. Colon. It is a fun chapter book featuring a bright kid who accidentally creates problems for his school then works to find creative solutions.

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Paperback - Full Color - $17.99

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