President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters

Book Cover: President Eisenhower's Close Encounters
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How do past U.S. presidents avoid global panic?

Create a secret agreement with visiting extraterrestrials.

This well-researched, nonfiction book will give you a detailed, logical look at the most exciting presidential saga ever.
Follow along with researcher/author Paul Blake Smith as he pieces together an explosive puzzle which reveals that President Eisenhower met with friendly aliens and that other American presidents likely renewed Ike's secret agreement with the visitors, to remain aloof to this day, to avoid triggering social chaos.

You won't see the UFO/ET topic the same way after this read.

Publisher: Foundations
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To get a better grip on the true ulterior reason for President Eisenhower’s suspicious Palm Springs trip and ET adventure, we have to backtrack first by zeroing in on the mid-summer of 1949 - by way of 2017...


Its authenticity is debated, but in June of 2017, an anonymous source leaked a shocking 47-page briefing document to syndicated radio podcast host Heather Wade. The congenial and candid Miss Wade soon went public with the report and it initially drew a few skeptical detractors, while many researchers feel it was/is authentic, deserving of great, serious scrutiny. It's a detailed January 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency summary of the extraterrestrial situation in America, likely drawn up during the Ronald Reagan administration, likely intended for the incoming new team of President-Elect George H. W. Bush (the Vice President) and his top advisers. {See Appendix.} One date on an early page of the DIA report is January 1, 1989, when President Reagan was vacationing in – of all places – Palm Springs. A second date, listed for an “Operation Majestic-12 preliminary briefing” with the data enclosed, was for Sunday, January 8, when Reagan had just returned from this southern California trip (and recent ring finger surgery). He then received a National Security briefing promptly at 9:30 a.m. in the Oval Office on Monday the 9. Within an hour, Vice President Bush met with the affable chief executive, for an hour’s discussion, digitized records currently reveal. Was it about the shocking, top-secret DIA report?

Reviews: KatherineP on Amazon wrote:

While the Pentagon is dishing out small bread crumbs of disclosure, author Paul Blake Smith has apparently been very busy researching President Eisenhower's actual involvement with Extraterrestrials. Like a puzzle, the pieces do come together and make for a fascinating read. This is a great book to add to your library, whether you are a history buff, a UFO buff, or both!

Robert Luca on Amazon wrote:

This is a Book you will not be able to put down. Paul has done an amazing amount of research to bring the facts of this story to life. You will be able to visualize exactly what took place as the pages of this book unfold before you. Highly recommend to all but especially to those of you that want to know what went on behind the scenes during the Eisenhower administration regarding our other worldly visitors.

B. Leonhard on Amazon wrote:

[Excerpt] A Page -Turner
Paul Blake Smith’s new book, Eisenhower’s Close Encounters, is a page-turner. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been a fan of alien lore and even recall reading Project Bluebook, which I checked out of the library when I was in grade school. I am familiar with many of Smith’s references but not to the depth he explores the topic of President Eisenhower’s encounters and agreements with friendly aliens observing and visiting our planet. He leaves no stone unturned as he follows a detailed timeline of events along with all the key people who participated in these encounters.

Paperback - $16.99

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