Paved With Good Intentions

Book Cover: Paved With Good Intentions
Part of the Nick Decker Series series:
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.99
ISBN: 978-1645830023
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 210
Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 210
ePub - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463835241
Pages: 210

“Just as HILLARIOUS and ACTION-PACKED as the first! Hold onto your scotch and taquitos, this one’s another wild, supernatural ride…”

When you do a job for Hell, Heaven expects the same.

When Archangel Gabrielle shows up at the door of Decker Investigations offering some kick-ass cars in exchange for a job, Nick takes it just to keep the peace. But finding the Spear of Destiny while dealing with the Teutonic Knight hit teams and Douchebag Demon Worshiping Academics is a tall order.

Good thing Nick and Jammer’s old buddy Switch is in town.

Bouncing between the halls of academia, upper crust parties, clandestine meets in a parking garage, a mall’s food court, and… as always… Sharky’s, the crew has their work cut out for them.

At least the gang gets to enjoy the world’s best meatball sub. And Nick and Gretchen finally squeeze in a real date.

But everyone seems to forget the road to hell is…well, you know.

Paved with Good Intentions is Book Two of the Nick Decker series, a Supernatural Thriller Trilogy. Enter at your own risk!


So, there was a needed correction for the Cerberus Wikipedia article. Apparently, soothing music makes Cerberus visible, but doesn’t really put it to sleep. Thanks, Orpheus, you piece of shit.

I reached my hand out with my palm facing it, trying to be non-threatening, wondering how the hell could I threaten that thing anyway?

“Good boy…”

Jammer yelled from the truck. “I can see its wang, Nick! So you’re right, it’s a boy… and what a boy!”

“Not helping, Jammer…” I was trying to keep eye contact with three sets of eyes at once.

I felt the tug in the back of my mind. I dropped the bag as I dove to the right and rolled as the wolf head snapped where I was a moment before. I rolled further as the pitbull head buried its snout in the grass where I had just passed.


I rolled back and managed to get to my feet in a crouch. I saw the paw coming and knew the odds were I wasn’t dodging it. I planted my feet and caught it. The paw was larger than my chest, but I wrapped my arms tight around it, getting a good hold and felt it push me, digging my feet in deep and making furrows in the ground under me.

It would have killed a normal man, or a miscreant like Jammer.

“Nick!” Gretchen screamed.

“I’m okay,” I grunted through gritted teeth.

I twisted and bent the paw an unnatural direction. I didn’t break it, but Cerberus wasn’t happy either. It moved and I saw the lab head coming straight for me.

Reviews:Rich Germunson on Amazon wrote:

What a ride! It has been a longtime since I have had this much fun reading a book. I love it when bad things happen to bad people, and it happens a lot in this book. If you are a veteran who has dipped their toe in the sandbox once or twice, than you will really appreciate the references made throughout this witty read. I can't wait for the 3rd book in the series! Hurry up, but don't rush it! Keep them coming!

Seeker on Amazon wrote:

I like these characters and want to continue to read their story.
I especially like the fact the author gets the " gun stuff" right. Nothing annoys me more than a character racking the slide on a double barrel shotgun.
Can't wait for the next book.

Jessica Belmount on Amazon wrote:

When I read the synopsis of Paved with Good Intentions, I had to read it. The language of the blurb had me convinced this was going to be a quirky, witty read…and I was not disappointed!

Our main character Nick, is so sarcastic. This is in first person, so we get to read from his perspective. Even when he’s in the most dangerous of perdicimients, his first instinct is to say something witty. I love it. He made the book for me. The rest was just icing on the already tasty cake.

Paved with Good Intentions is fast-paced and hilarious. In between boughts of laughter, I was holding my breath through all the action. Dick Denny has a knack for creating really unique characters and situations, without getting too unrealistically silly. The story is obviously fiction, but the banter between the characters made it super real feeling.

John Westfall on Amazon wrote:

Dick Denny writes characters you’d want to get to know personally, even if you were afraid they might misunderstand your intentions and try to kill you. Super fun ride, with nuance and soul.

Paperback - $15.99