Origin Songs

Book Cover: Origin Songs
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 17.99
ISBN: 978-1645830092
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 391
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Pages: 391
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Pages: 391

The world is ever-changing. Most men change with it, other men refuse to adjust, and a few men move the world with them.

Whether in primitive days or the ends of civilization, these poor fools find themselves in the worst straits their lifetime had to offer. A gardener. A political writer. A prisoner. A slave. A detective. They’ve all made their beds in the world, but some aren’t ready to lie in them just yet.

Some will drag the world down with them if they can.


“What are the psychological impacts of your ‘augmentations’?” Mother murmured. “Can you be sure you’ve never suffered manic episodes while working?”

“You can’t just ask someone if they’re crazy!” Sarah cried. She straightened her spine like she usually did when getting defensive. Seeing the small gesture made Mark smile a little.

Mother looked taken aback.

Mark peeled his shirt off.

Glancing at him, Sarah said, “Well maybe you can.”

Gif wolf whistled and said, “Save it for the bars, dude.”

He ignored his family and slowly turned, his arms outstretched. “Do you see any hidden wires, tricks, traps, whatnot?” He waited for a response but only received blank, if curious, expressions. “No whatnots? Good. I’ll make my closing statements.”

He bent over to the wall near the TV. An electric socket with the bottom spot empty was half-buried by the table.

Killing him he didn’t know but—


He blocked out the painful echoes in his head…and jammed the tines into socket.

The lights in the room dimmed and Mother screamed.


Paperback - $17.99