Book Cover: Nightfall
Editions:Paperback - Second Edition: $ 17.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1548099657
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 262
Hardcover - First Edition: $ 37.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1-387-03741-4
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 262
Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.49 USD
Pages: 262
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Pages: 262


Tamara’s spicy scent thrills, seduces and weakens him like no other. She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara’s been burned too many times in the past and she’s not looking for a relationship…..ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all- that of pet and pet owner.
Josh is not a dog and he has no interest in staying her pet. He has one burning desire- Tamara- in his bed, nightly and permanently. He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together and that he needs her, forever.
Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish and protect her? Or will she say good-bye to the amazing, dedicated man whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely and consume her with desire?

Publisher: Foundations
Cover Artists:

He considered the worst part about switching between a wolf and a human—having no clothes to change into.
If Tamara was around and she welcomed it, he would be able to tolerate this as a minor inconvenience. He would gladly switch back into his nude human form for their mutual delight, but it would wreak havoc in public places and situations. When it came to being out in public, he preferred to be a wolf. No one ever noticed when a wolf was naked. It was expected and accepted.
Taking out the iced tea, he poured a glass for himself and gulped down every drop. The water Tamara provided for him was a sweet gesture but it wasn’t enough for his increased libido and insatiable thirst, especially when she was parading around nude in front of him. He choked, in mid-gulp, and his breathing turned raspy as the image of her luscious body floated across his mind.
He walked into the master bedroom that, as Nightfall, Tamara forbade him to enter.


Searching through the bathroom closet, he found a towel and modestly wrapped his bottom half in it. This way, if any neighbors became curious and happened to notice him, they’d conclude he was merely a guest in her home instead of a sex pervert or worse—an intruder with the worst intentions for Tamara. He grimaced. He wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her in any way. With him around, she was protected and safe…always. She was his mate and he would willingly die keeping her alive.
Clicking the power button on the TV remote, he sat on the loveseat and luxuriated in the lingering smell of her scent wafting from the cushions. He melted into the seat inhaling the sweet, enticing aroma, imagining all kinds of delicious, erotic possibilities with her devilishly tempting body.
Lord, she was sexy.
If she were here right now, she’d need protection from him.

Reviews:Cat on wrote:

It takes me months to read books now with no quiet time from kids but for this book I make sure kids are in bed early so I can read the next chapter. I have always loved mythological creatures fantasy and anything magikal. First this book started off with a story about a dog...snagged me...then a wolf...hooked me....then an awesome heart warming, heart breaking, and what most women want, don't want; a book filled with emotion, passion what every relationship must have to succeed and this book is a success in my opinion. Great job for your first book can't wait to read the others.

Keria on wrote:

I'm not really into romance, but the plot was intriguing so I decided to give it a try and I"m glad I did.

I think most women will identify with Tamara. She isn't some other-worldly, beautiful woman whining about finding a man which is refreshing. She is on a journey of her own and Josh sure gives her one to remember. The chemistry between them is undeniable and fun to read. It has enough twists and paranormal turns to keep the reader enthralled while we watch the two characters find themselves and their way to each other.

I highly recommend Nightfall for both romance and paranormal enthusiasts alike. You won't be disappointed!

Shawn Wood on wrote:

Loved reading this book... Is Nightfall a wolf, or a dog?? Tamara isn't sure, his possessive nature towards her is a bit unsetteling at first to her. as Nightfall wins Tamaras heart Josh is working his way into her heart at the same time. The question is, can Tamara open her heart to someone after all the heartbreak she has experienced in the past?? Loved this book, Nightfall is as loveable as both a wolf and a human. Definately a fun read loved the story...

Paperback - $17.99

Hardcover - $39.99