Mommy, I Don’t Want To

Book Cover: Mommy, I Don't Want To
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 16.99
ISBN: 978-1090581174
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 263
Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 263
ePub - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463923641
Pages: 263

From the time he was a boy, he knew he was something special; different. When he committed his first crime and got away with it, he became something else.

Jay had been called many names, The Marcavillian Hunter, Sunshine State Killer, Eastside Rapist, but for him, he was always the shadow in the night...the figure just out of normal perception. A ghost, someone not seen until he wanted to be.

Learn from inside the mind of one of the greatest criminal minds of the 21st Century and how until only recently, he managed to escape detection for over forty years.

You can't protect yourself from what you can't see.


After spending a good twenty minutes experimenting with the female underwear, the curious long-haired boy took the plastic Ziploc bag from his sandwich and turned it inside out. Carefully folding the panties into a small neat cube, he placed them inside. The zip wouldn’t seal, but the boy rolled up the edges firmly.

After looking for a place to hide them, he lifted a plank and placed the panties in their weather-tight casing underneath and returned the board to its original position. He then kicked some loose hay over the area to further conceal it.

Job done now, he smoked three more cigarettes. The radio played softly in the background. A weepy voice sang about lost love over a slow, strumming guitar. Not his style, but he was too submerged in thought to get up and change the station.


By now, Jay had a small black and white notebook on his lap and held a yellow number two pencil between his fingers. Leaning at the edge of the crate, back hunched, head forward, eyes staring but seeing nothing.

Think, mother-fucker, think.

Suddenly it came to him. The pencil began to scribble wildly, sketching out some crude squares with triangles attached to the tops.


Paperback - $16.99

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