Hot Chocolate (Plus Bonus Story from Laura Ranger)

Book Cover: Hot Chocolate (Plus Bonus Story from Laura Ranger)
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Pages: 55
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Do you believe in miracles?

Cara and Lane lost their parents on Christmas Eve five years ago to a boating accident off the Gulf of Mexico. Every year since, they've continued the tradition of buying hot chocolate from Jimmy's Donut Shop and taken them to the pier, their pier, to say a prayer and leave the two cups for their parents to come down from Heaven and collect.

When two strangers showed up and the cups of hot chocolate left on the railing went missing, further investigating led the girls to a discovery they couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams...

Miracles at Christmas can and do happen.

Bonus Story from Laura Ranger!

How do old people perceive the world around them when they near the end?

Mrs. O’Malley was a miserable old woman. She lived in a nursing home. Although much of her family lived nearby, no one ever visited. With the passing years, she became unbearable. Even the staff only did what was necessary to properly maintain her.

Abbey was an eighteen-year-old girl in mourning. She ended up doing chores in a nursing home away from any interaction with the residents.
After the two worlds collide, what happens will shock the staff and change Abbey’s life forever.

Read this inspirational, feel-good story, “The Crumpled Old Woman” today!


They strolled down the pier to where it ended about thirty feet over the water. They sidled to the left to give the couple space and saw the two cups they had left earlier in the morning were still there, the lids off and the contents gone. Cara made herself a student of oceanography while Lane quietly fumed beside her.
“Those were not for them,” she seethed.
“Shh,” Cara whispered. “You don’t even know if they drank them.”
“I know,” Lane said, shooting an accusatory look in their direction. Cara inwardly groaned, but luckily the couple seemed intent on each other. They heard the woman laugh lightly at something the man said.
“I’m gonna tell them we left them there for us so when we got back from church, we could drink them. Maybe they’ll give us our money back.”
“You will do no such thing,” Cara said, horrified. She gripped her sister’s coat to keep her from stomping over to them, a very Lane-like possibility.


Well, it’s not fair.”
“What’s not fair, young lady?”
Both Lane and Cara turned around, and they noticed in their whispering argument they had managed to work themselves almost right next to the couple.


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