Healers or Dealers?

True Investigative Stories of Corrupt Doctors

Book Cover: Healers or Dealers?
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Do no harm?

There is an innate trust built into us since childhood that our doctor spent years learning and studying how to help people. But what if that trust is broken? Are they all brought to justice for the confidences they’ve betrayed and the countless lives they’ve helped ruin?

In Healers or Dealers?, readers get a front-row seat to the jaw-dropping true accounts written by the retired investigator who experienced them and attempted to hold these doctors accountable. His stories show a direct correlation between doctors’ questionable conduct with illegal administrating, dispensing, and prescribing of opioids and the craze that plagues our nation today. Couple this with the addictions that unwaveringly rival those we see in the worst of America’s inner cities…

and a pharmaceutical opioid epidemic is born.

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Part of what makes an investigator’s job interesting is the myriad twists and turns an investigation can take. In this case, the initial telephone call came from the mother of twin girls who had a definite sense of urgency in her voice. After introductions, she told me her twin girls (over the age of eighteen) had just been released from a treatment center after having successfully completed the chemical dependency program. They were continuing to maintain their sobriety, at least for the moment. The girls were willing to cooperate and talk to investigators about a doctor (I’ll call him “Dr. Shotz”) who was supplying them with drugs. She was anxious to meet soon because she did not know how long the twins’ mood to talk would last. In other words, she could not say how long they would be sober. She said their sobriety, in the past, had not been maintained for very long. The twins’ primary drug of choice was marijuana along with Percodan and Dilaudid.


Percodan (oxycodone and aspirin) and Dilaudid (hydromorphone HCL) are Schedule IIN controlled substances primarily used for moderate to severe pain management. They were obtained usually by prescription from a physician. The Percodan is taken orally and Dilaudid is usually cooked down and injected when taken on the street. These drugs were in Schedule IIN because they are classified as narcotics with a high potential for abuse and addiction. Marijuana was in Schedule I because, at the time, it had no generally accepted medical use.

Reviews:Kirkus Reviews on Kirkus wrote:

"In these pages, Allison compiles 22 of his most compelling cases in a chilling narrative of medical and pharmaceutical corruption...His stories are as absorbing as a police procedural as he describes the work of undercover agents, sting operations, corrupt judges who refused to sign warrants against physicians they knew, and doctors and pharmacists who covered for colleagues. His attitudes are firmly grounded in law and procedure, but he also effectively reveals how he takes his mission to heart, offering respectful advice for a drug addict physician who confesses and cooperates and admitting lifelong regret regarding a pharmacist he was unable to indict...An engrossing look into the work of those who investigate flagrant medical malpractice."

Jones E. Allison Jr. "Pete", United States Secret Service, Special Agent - Retired wrote:

"Some doctors make mistakes which are totally accidental. A few other doctors are intentional in their mistakes; fueled by greed, they kneel at the altar of the almighty dollar. I call them "dragons". This is a book about slaying those "dragons".

Katherine Smits on Amazon wrote:

The retired chief investigator for the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure, Richard Allison offers a rare look into some of his cases. While he acknowledges that most doctors honestly try to help patients, he shows examples of those who are only interested in lining their own pockets with little regard to the welfare of those who buy from them. In fact, he makes the excellent point that these physicians, rather than practicing medicine, turned it into a drug selling business.

He writes with an engaging style which keeps the reader turning the pages and wondering what else could possibly happen. Yet, every case is different. He makes a clear connection between the opioid epidemic and the difficulty of discovering and stopping unscrupulous practitioners who often simply move to a new location and start anew.

This is an excellent, eye-opening look behind the curtain of the United States medical system which too often incentives profit over patient care. Thank goodness for responsible licensure boards who provide some oversight and stop some of the bad actors. Patients in every state will benefit by reading this book.

Bud Horton on Amazon wrote:

Richard Allison's exposure of corruption in the medical industry is handled through a series of "episodes" in his book entitled "Healers or Dealers". Richard relates twenty-two cases of the hundreds that he investigated during his tenure with MBML. These stories (all true) will leave you shocked, enraged, educated and even at times, amused. You don't have to get very far into the book to realize that they have to be true. Not even Richard could make this up. Prepare to be fascinated.

Wilton A. Little on Amazon wrote:

I was planning to read this at my leisure in my spare time, but once I began I read it straight through. It is hard for me to believe how these highly educated and trained professionals can fall to these depths, but they do. Some of the chapters are really difficult to imagine how this is going on in everyday life. Thanks to Mr. Allison for shining the light on pure greed and in some cases pure sickness on the part of the doctors you may be going to and not really know anything about. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction and I highly recommend the read.

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