Easy Peasey, Learning is Easy by Alissa B. Gregory

Book Cover: Easy Peasey, Learning is Easy by Alissa B. Gregory


'Easy Peasey, Learning is Easy' is written and illustrated by Alissa B. Gregory and is the first of several children's books meant to teach, inspire and help your little one grow and learn. With pretty colors, rhyming words, and simple learning, this fun and playful book is just right for babies and curious toddlers!

Publisher: Foundations
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Stacy Walker wrote:

"Amazingly awesome! My daughter loved it!!! Even the drawings were outstanding! Great teaching tool for parents and teachers!! I will definitely recommend it!"

Charles Faulk wrote:

"Wonderful book for kids beginning to learn....easy to understand with terrific illustrations! I highly recommend this book for teaching children that reading is fun!"

Paperback - $14.99

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