Dino Crisis

Book Cover: Dino Crisis
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.99
ISBN: 978-1796843699
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 206
Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.49
Pages: 206
ePub - First Edition: $ 4.49
ISBN: 9780463290132
Pages: 206

A group of researchers led by Dr. Emmanuel Hernandez gains a permit to visit the quarantined Ilha da Morte to prove either the truth or the fallacy of the whispered rumors of a giant lizard that lurks within the dark, unexplored jungles.

One problem after another plagues their mission, starting with their boat sinking during the landing, followed immediately by the loss of their satellite phone and the death of a team member. The expedition, now cut off from the world, takes a more dangerous turn when hooting and roaring in the night reveals not only that the animal they seek is real, but that there’s more than one.

And they come closer each night.

The creatures soon prove to be the least of the team’s problems after encountering another group intent on keeping the island–and everything on it–secret from the rest of the world, even if they have to kill to accomplish it.

Publisher: Foundations
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A vocal rattle emanated from the woods, the same clatter that buzzed through his head all night.

Emmanuel did a double take, froze, then squinted through the blinding, late afternoon sun at the tree line. “My God! They followed us.”

The dinosaurs charged from the edge of the woodland, jumping yards with each bound.

“Those are Utahraptors,” Lance gasped. “If they catch us, we’re dead.”

Run!” Emmanuel dashed into the opposite forest, with the rest of the team close behind. Uneven huffs dried his throat and thundered in his ears, eclipsing all other sounds. He wrenched away tangled branches and plowed through a wall of thick brambles.

Chandra raced ahead and leaped over a large, rotted log, but a twisting limb jutting from the bark snagged the athletic young woman’s boot, thrusting her to the ground. Leaves and twigs festooned her long black locks, and she sprang up, not slowing her pace through the overgrowth.


Emmanuel fought the urge to follow her as he rallied the others. He felt like a tightly wound spring, ready to bounce away as he waved them on.

Hannah forced her way into the thorns, and razor-sharp edges sliced through her dirt-stained white shirt, drawing blood. She wheezed, pausing against bushes.

Emmanuel’s gut clenched as rows of foliage vibrated behind the young woman—raptors charging forward with incredible speed. He swiped his Glock. “Jesus Christ, Hannah, run!”

“Oh my God!” She trembled and tried plodding away, but a few thorns and stiff branches held her tight.

Emmanuel fired his last three bullets to cover the student.

It wasn’t enough.

Lance grabbed the girl’s arm, yanking her free, and they ran, just as a Utahraptor pounced where they’d stood.

A roar exploded like a bomb from deep within the forest, and a flock of small birds broke from the trees as if a strong wind had blown against a dandelion.

A shudder slid through Emmanuel, and he cut through the forest, driving himself forward, faster and faster.

Silvery metal glinted from the steel bunker a few hundred yards ahead.

There it is!

Hoots and high-pitched screeches hung in the air while a long reptilian snout poked from the thorny morass blocking the team’s way. A serpentine neck supporting a large head with close-set amber eyes completed the nightmare.

Reviews:Jessie on Amazon wrote:

Thank you voracious readers only for providing an ARC for a honest review.

Since I have the interests of a 10 year old boy anything to do with dinosaurs has my attention. Usually though when reading books about dinosaurs it just involves a scary T-rex and a lot of running.

This book though is so much more then that, you actually have many different types of dinosaurs (carnivores & herbivores) and they're so well written and researched. The writing style is fast paced and intriguing. The world building was great, the charecters were well thought out.
It did end on a cliff hanger which is not a deal breaker for me because I'm actually excited to jump back into the story with the next book and I can't wait!

Michelle S. on Amazon wrote:

They are coming - will you be able to get away? This was a great story full of adventure and twists that will keep you entertained and guessing all the way through. The characters work well together and flow into the story. You will not want to stop turning the pages to see what could happen next when the team goes in search of the unknown. Great story!!

Paperback - $15.99