Aeron: Book Four – The Guardian League

Book Cover: Aeron: Book Four - The Guardian League
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ISBN: 978-1978400405
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From International Best-Selling Author T.K. Lawyer


Kim is stuck in a desperate situation – one she never thought she’d wind up in.  Her husband has given up.  Kim wants her freedom but she’s scared of the unknown.  To find true, lasting love is her dream but is it possible?

Little does Kim know who she seeks is searching for her.

Aeron loved and dated.  But he never found the right one. As leader and founder of the Guardian League and co-protector of his charge, his responsibilities kept him active; however, something was missing.  His life wasn’t complete.

He sought a perfect, unique combination:  fiery and spirited with the right mix of nice vs. naughty.  But this elusive minx was nowhere to be found.  Until the day an enchanting vision caught his eye and he walked straight into a line of people awaiting coffee and beignets.    Now that he’s found her, he’s unwilling to let her go.  But does Kim have the strength to trust again?

Publisher: Foundations
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Wow.  Did Aeron say-did he mean-uh- what exactly was that?  He was handsome, hell yeah, but there was also something unique and special about him she could’t put her finger on though she’d love to do that and more and that was the problem.  Kim was having great difficulty acting unbothered by whatever it was he possessed that made her want to take him to a dark room in the back of the boat and have her way with him.  However, she was confused by his statement and unsure if it was a compliment or a come-on.  If she was single, she’d welcome any type of praise from him but Tom was in the restroom and she wasn’t sure how to act around Aeron.

“And your other half?”

“Huh?”  She scrunched her nose.  What did he mean?  Inappropriate images of her naked rear up in the air passed through her mind.

“I meant you’re fifty percent Asian and what’s the other fifty percent.”

“Oh.”  A wave of relief passed through her.


“It’s split between British and Syrian.”

“Hmm, nice combination.”  He cupped his chin in the palm of his hand.

There he goes again.  What was she to make of it?

“And you?” Kim asked.  Aeron responded without hesitation.

“I’m all Angel.”

Kim burst into laughter while Aeron watched her, silent and devoid of amusement.  All angel, she mused.  He was more devilish than pure.  Regardless, he was comical.

“Seriously, what are you?”

“Probably a bit of a mutt,” he responded with a stellar grin.

Reviews:Rhonda F on wrote:

5 out of 5 stars!
I don't like to give spoilers in my reviews . All I can say is best one yet of the Guardian League Series and oh so good and smoking hot! Aeron is such a handsome angel and so loving. Kim is a beautiful soul who just needs a chance to thrive and blossom. And TK Lawyer has such a talent with story telling, it's like you are actually there, The way she weaves her magic with her words always leaves me spellbound. Just a beautiful love story.


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