A Thin Line

Book Cover: A Thin Line
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ISBN: 978-1645830078
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 256
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Pages: 256
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Pages: 256

What if a man lost his moral compass between right and wrong, good and evil, mental stability and insanity?

John Corbin has been investigating, catching, and convicting murderers, rapists, and pedophiles for twenty years as a Seattle detective. But lately, someone has been beating him to the punch and eliminating these vile criminals before he can apprehend them. John is learning that there is a thin line between innocent or guilty, good or evil, alive or dead.

By definition, a thin line is a very narrow division between two alternatives. Some being exact opposites, while others are separated by the narrowest of threads. This novel follows this definition to the letter. In life, many situations aren't just black or white. There is usually a modicum of grey to fill in the space. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is good? Who is evil? Perhaps everyone at one time or another lies somewhere in the middle.

A Thin Line is a tale that will immediately draw you in and keep you guessing. A suspenseful psychological thriller with twists and turns that will toy with your mind and emotions, driven by a chilling narrative that builds the tension right up until its explosive conclusion.

Publisher: Foundations
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By the time John and Todd had arrived at the Northgate Mall, it had already been shut down and closed off. No way in. No way out. The perp had taken a light machine gun into the mall and open fired on the unsuspecting consumers. There were bodies splayed from the Sunglass Hut to the food court, blood everywhere, a few already dead and another ten to twenty seriously injured. The perp had taken a hostage and barricaded himself inside Victoria's Secret. Why he did it, no one had discovered yet. The police were setting up in the Bath and Body Works directly across from Victoria's Secret. John and Todd entered through the back entrance that connected to the parking lot. “Good morning. I’m Detective Corbin, and this is Detective McGrath,” John said as he approached the group of officers huddled together discussing tactics.

“Hello detectives, we were instructed to hand the lead over to you two. I am Officer Wilson. This is Officer Taft, Officer Bianco, and Officer Getz.”


“Good morning, officers,” Todd said.

“What does he want?” John asked.

“He has asked for safe passage out and a car waiting for him.”

“Why?” John asked. “He had that before he shot up the mall. I’m not buying it. It’s just a diversion. He has other plans.”

“Sir, he claims once he is out he will free the hostage. We shouldn't do anything to disrupt the hostages’ safety.”

“I will consider your thoughts,” John said. “Any info on the perp or the hostage? Identities?”

“He is in his thirties. Caucasian. No ID, yet. Female hostage. Twenties. No ID. “

“Alright. I need communication with him,” John said.

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This story is one to make you think about right and wrong and how easy it is to step over that "thin line" that divides them. Are there crimes so horrific that it's okay to take justice into your own hands? The killer certainly thinks so. You often hear, "Make the punishment fit the crime." If the monsters you come across in this story knew what their punishment would be, I bet they'd have had second thoughts about doing the beastly things they did. And yes, some of them will make you ill thinking about it. If you're sensitive to the cruelty one person can do to another human or an animal, you might want to pass on this book. Despite some editing hiccups, this is a book that kept my interest. The further I got into it, the more intense it became, with plenty of unexpected outcomes.

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The Thin Line is an accurate name for this vigilante crime novel. The law doesn’t always equate to justice. The separation in between right and wrong and retribution is indeed a thin line. The author shows us a detective with an uncanny knack for honing in on the bad guys. That skill is often brought out by his conversations with his bartender.
Once the stage is set and we find out the victims that detective is investigating are perpetrators of heinous crimes then us, the reader, starts to lose a little empathy for them. But, whoever is killing them is also an animal and that’s where the intrigue and the provocative thought process kicks in.
I found the book stimulating and can’t wait to read the next in the series.

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I believe that the goal of every writer regardless of what genre they write is to write a book that will stay with the reader after the last page.
You will read this book and in certain chapters, it will be so disturbing that you will wonder what is wrong with the guy writing this book, why is this book so DARK. Then you will stop and realize that crimes like this happen every single day. The author just finds a way of forcing you to deal with them.

Nature vs Nurture is one of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology, with no clear answer. This book will challenge all your beliefs. What causes one person to cross that line, is it a gut instinct, or something more?

After each chapter. you will ask yourself what could possibly happen next and how does this all tie together.

If Psychological Suspense is what you’re looking for this book delivers. I can only hope we get to revisit some of the main characters in a second book.



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