About Us

Steve Soderquist came up with the idea of starting a publishing company. We had each been published by separate  traditional publishers. I thought he was crazy, neither of us new anything about publishing. However, I asked a lot of questions, he got me all the answers and I bought Foundations. It has taken a lot of dedicated people to help build this company, for them, I'm grateful. The reason for the name Foundations is because when we build on the foundation of God, we stand. That first year was very difficult. I understand why so many new publishers close their doors within six months. Instead, six years later (2022) Foundations is stronger than ever and going higher all the time. It was our desire to help authors see their dreams of publishing their work come true. We've helped so many do just that, over all these years.
Hi! I'm Laura Ranger the owner of Foundations Book Publishing Company. I began Foundations as an LLC in 2016, but learned in 2017 it wasn't necessary since I was the sole proprietor, so I changed the name by replacing the LLC and a lot less paperwork. I’ve been an Administrative Assistant almost all of my adult life and have been able to engage those skills in this company. It’s important to help others who have either never had their story published, or have been published only to watch their dream fall flat, due to not knowing how to get their work seen by the masses. We wanted to do things differently. We want to build a world where we can help fellow authors reach for the stars and feel the thrill when they catch them.
So, please, feel free to look around and if you have any questions, reach out to us at Contact@FoundationsBooks.net